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‍I was accepted into Sunderland University in 2001 in the United Kingdom where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Electronic Media Design. The university and course I selected for one specific reason - I wanted a broad range of design understanding. That I got.

The course taught, Design Understanding, Design Principles, Illustration, Photography, Typography, Web Design, Multimedia Design (which included Basic Coding), 3D-Design, Art History and a lot more.

Within my third year at Sunderland I started taking some of my skills and applying it to freelance projects where I started specializing in Web Design specifically with a strong graphic design base. I later started multiple businesses offering my services in the UK and later Saint Lucia.

To date, I presently work as Branding & Design Manager / Director at eMagine Solutions Inc.

What has my years of commercial experience given me?

After over 20 years designing, I have gained full confidence to cater to most of what a client might throw at me. I have had to learn a slew of new software applications over the years and have gained in-depth knowledge of the many tools used to build / create final work within my craft. This is important to note this as I need to be on the cutting edge today's technology and market trends.

Presently, there is a new trend of No-code / Low Code apps that are popping up daily that cover an enormous range of topics, fields and solutions. So keeping up to date can take time and a lot of effort...

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