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Welcome to my new Blog

What to expect
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Chris Gardiner
9th - Apr, 2022
Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

What can you expect from my postings?

A little bit of education with whole lot of ramblings..

With my years as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer in the Caribbean, I have learnt a lot, see a lot and have a lot to share. Unfortunately, I am not the best writer out there but I aim to make that up with good content.

I am dyslexic and often make minor errors BUT, my dyslexia has allowed me to focus on things visually making my choice of careers a great choice.

So let’s get it on!


UPDATE: When I started writing these posts I used a different platform - Substack

Presently I am transferring those posts over to this site. Actually not the best of ideas as I may very well lose a lot traffic and search standing. But I feel that I should keep everything in one location for a better experience. I hope you agree.

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I am located in the northern part of the island of Saint Lucia, Caribbean

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